The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet
August 26, 2019



Events in August 2019

  • Bonfire
  • Hurrikane
  • Sangria
  • Cougrzz Rock
  • Stone Temple Revolver
    Special Event; Ruidos, La Chilanga Banda, Tijuana NO! with Ceci Bastida
  • Tease
  • Fan Halen
  • Iron Maiden Tribute with Maiden USA
  • Adelaide
  • The Cure Tribute Night with The Curse
  • Green Day Tribute with Green Today
  • Suave
  • Spanish Rock and 80s Hits with SR-80
  • KISS Tribute with Gods of Thunder
    Special Event Live Tributes to Linkin Park, Foo Fighters & Blink-182 with In the End, Faux Fighters, The 182's