The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet
September 30, 2022

Do you provide electricity for your vendors?

Yes, many of our spaces (but not all) have electrical outlets nearby.  Electrical permits are sold on both a daily and monthly basis.  When purchasing your space at the Reservation Office mention you need a space that has electrical outlets nearby.   On the day you sell you should bring a long extension cord with you, since many of the electrical outlets might be located quite some distance from your space.

Our Electrical Fees are as follows
Daily: Fri Night before 5:30 pm and Sat & Sun before 10:00 am $ 12
Daily: Fri Night after 5:30 pm and Sat & Sun after 10:00 am $ 15
Monthly (Fri/Sat/Sun) $ 53
Spaces with buildings $ 65
Vendors pay an additional 50% of the above fees for each adjacent space they may have.

Reminder: Electrical / Extension cords are never allowed to be strung across our main aisle ways.