The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet
September 30, 2022

How much are your space fees?

The answer to this question depends upon what day you wish to sell and what type of vendor you’d like to be.  We have Monthly Vendors and Daily Vendors.

Monthly Vendors use the same space every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, all month long.  These vendors pay for the entire month in advance.  Monthly Vendors pay less for their spaces than Daily Vendors.  For an additional fee, Monthly Vendors also have the option of renting a storage container, which can be used to store their merchandise.

If you are interested in becoming a Monthly Vendor, ask the Reservation Office staff for a map of which spaces are currently available for Monthly Vendors.

If you do NOT use the same space all month long, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you are a Daily Vendor.

The first opportunity to purchase a Daily Vendor space is on the third Saturday of each month, at 9:00 am.  This is when new spaces for the upcoming month are first released to the public.  A lottery system is used to determine the order in which the vendors purchase their spaces.  (This way there is no fighting to be first in line.)  Vendors may purchase, at most, two adjacent spaces, for the entire month if desired.  After the lotto system, as many daily spaces as desired can always be purchased, up to the end of the current month.  In early March, for example, you can purchase one or more daily spaces for any day in March.  April’s spaces will be first sold on the 3rd Saturday in March and can be purchased throughout the month of April.

All Daily Vendor spaces that are not sold during this 3rd Saturday of each month will always be available to purchase at any time, including the day of the event.

For all six days we are open, the Day Of Event space fee is slightly higher than the Daily Vendor fee, and for this reason we recommend you purchase your space at least one day in advance.



  In Advance
Tuesday $ 9
Wednesday $ 16
Thursday $ 31
Friday $ 50
Saturday $ 18
Sunday $ 45


  In Advance Day of Event
Tuesday $ 13 $ 17
Wednesday $ 20 $ 22
Thursday $ 38 $ 45
Friday $ 60 $ 67
Saturday $ 23 $ 28
Sunday $ 55 $ 60
Saturday Garage Sale $ 20 $ 25
Sunday Garage Sale $ 35 $ 40



Monthly $ 150


Daily $ 5
Monthly $ 45


Fri Night before 5:30 pm and Sat & Sun before 10:00 am $ 12
Fri Night after 5:30 pm and Sat & Sun after 10:00 am $ 15
Monthly (Fri/Sat/Sun) $ 53
Monthly (vendors w buildings) $ 65
Vendors pay an additional 50% for each adjacent space



All Vendors must be on their space by the times listed above; 4:00 pm Friday night, 9:00 am on Saturday, and 8:00 am on all other days, or their space may be sold to a Day of Event vendor.
Daily VendorSpaces are first released at 9:00 am on the 3rd Saturday of every month. A lottery system is used to determine each vendor’s place in line. Vendors may purchase, at most, up to two adjacent spaces for the entire upcoming month. After the lotto system has ended, as many daily spaces as desired can always be purchased, up to the end of the upcoming month.
Monthly Vendors must pay for their spaces for the following month on or before the 10th of the current month if their last  name begins with the letter A thru L, and on the 20th of the current month if their last name begins with the letter M thru Z.